Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday With Linkup

290. I'm thankful for good friends. Those that you know God placed in your life.

291. I'm thankful for a job that I can work around my family and life. When things happen I can be there for others and that is a tremendous blessing to me.

292. An amazing church family that comes together and sincerely surrounds you with prayer.

293. Being a part of an amazing review group that is a tremendous blessing to our homeschool journey.

294. The homeschool opportunity we have.

295. Learning and trusting that this is my year to be still. Learning how to say no and to not overextend myself. That is a lesson I've needed for a long time.

296. The laughter at the table during dinner.

297. That quickening of the spirit when you know that you know what you need to do.

298. Reading with my kiddo before bed each night.

299. My sweet Golden. She can make you feel better after a rough day with just a wag of the tail and a chin on your knee. Letting you know she's there for you too

300. The peace that comes from knowing that God is with you through all things

301. Slow days at home

302. Field trips with homeschool friends

303. New adventures coming up

304. My current bible study

305. Making new connections

306. Hearing others share their struggles and victories in their walk with Christ

307. An amazing pastor and his family that love with all they have

308. Seeing my hubby get more and more involved with church.Seeing him coming out of his shell is amazing

309. My dad's back surgery going well and that he's continuing to improve

310. Answered prayers

I'm starting something new this week. I'll have this as a link up for your to share your blessings and gifts each week. You can count up to 1000 with me or just share something that you have been truly thankful for this past week. It's up to you on how you share. I ask that the posts be family friendly. Remember that counting those blessings can turn your day all around.

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