Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thankful Thursday...

270. I'm thankful that soon we'll have some answers to my kiddo's allergy issues.

271. The magic show that my kiddo and hubby put on for my birthday

272. Being a part of an awesome review group that is a huge blessing to our family

273. Science class on Thursdays. It's a mental break for me and a great time for him.

274. A relaxing weekend at home this past week

275. God's amazing grace

276. That His mercies are new everyday

278. The great products I'm blessed to review that are just an encouragement to my heart

279. Making connections all over with like minded people

280. Great friendships no matter how long the time is between seeing each other

281. Field trips that are coming up

282. Memories being made

283. My favorite coffee in my new red cups

284. My new red dishes

285. My amazing, hardworking hubby that even though his back is out he's still working hard for his family

286. The crazy things that comes out of my kiddo's mouth and mind that just leave me blown away sometimes

287. Laughing till we can't breathe

288. New games on the way

289. Learning new things together

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