Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday

321. I'm thankful for a nice visit with my family this past week.

322. For a good cup of stout coffee on those days when you stay up way too late to function the next day

323. For a sweet, kind, amazing hubby which I'm getting to spend some quality time with this week.

324. For amazing parents that are keeping Boo Bear so we can start the process of making it easier for him to breathe in our home

325. For a weekend ahead of home improvement, relaxing and exciting projects

326. For the amazing sacrifice that so many armed forces personnel have given over the years. Because of their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families, I can spend time with mine in a free country. There's never enough words to say how grateful we are to you and your families. You keep watch over night so that we can lay our heads down in peace. Because of you we can read our Bibles, pray and worship freely. Thank you isn't enough but it's all I know to say.

327. For downtime. I miss my kiddo something fierce but it's nice for me to be able to reboot and recharge too. Of course he's having fun planning his future farming career. ;)

328. For sunny days

329 For rainy afternoons

330. For long talks about nothing

331. For time to see a movie

332. For the quiet of the morning

333. For my crazy Molly

334. For time to plan our soon coming 4th grade year. Wow... Did I just say 4th grade???

335. For another summer of theater

336. For getting to move furniture around and redecorate. My favorite thing to do..

337. For sleeping in. Sometimes you just gotta

338. For having pretty much all of our curriculum for the next year together

339. For an amazing opportunity on the Review Crew. Because of that, I can have all our curriculum together. :)

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