Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Matthew West Live Forever Review and Giveaway!!!!

If you've been around here for any length of time you know music is my "thing". I love pretty much any type of music, within reason.

Recently I received a new favorite CD. Matthew West Live Forever arrived not too long ago and I have fallen in love with it. I was so blessed to receive this review product from Family Christian. They offer a wide range of music, movies and more to inspire you on your walk with Christ. This is another one to add to your collection!!

On this album Matthew takes stories from people just like you and turns them into songs you can really relate to. This entire album is talking about finding that joy and peace only He can give during those difficult times.

The album was released in April of this year and already is making a difference in those who listen. I know for me it's uplifting and reminds me that even in dark days, there's a hope!

You'll hear songs such as:

  • Heaven is the Hope
  • Tryin'
  • Grace Wins
  • World Changers
  • The List 
  • And many more!
It's a very upbeat album that makes you want to bob your head or just get up and move with it. I love the lyrics to the songs and how it speaks to you no matter where you might be. Here's one of my favorite songs on the album:

This album is now sitting in my CD player on my desk. I listen to it when I'm working, cleaning or just need some inspiration. I think you need it in your car, your home anywhere you might need some great tunes that uplift you and remind you there is Joy in this journey!!

Now some awesome, amazing wonderful news! I get to give away a copy of this fabulous CD to one of my readers!! YES!!! Just enter the giveaway down below!!


  1. I don't know anything about Matthew West except for his song World Changers. It is the one that was inspired by our young friend who is facing brain surgery for the second time today. I would enjoy hearing more of his music. He seems like an amazing guy. - Lori


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