Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday

400.Wow! Up to 400! That's something to be thankful for!

401. Returning back to normal routine. Normal routines are great!

402. Rain. Even though it has brought some serious storms with it, we needed the rain.

403. Sunny days after the storm

404. Support from our church family at the play this past weekend. We don't have all our family nearby so it's great to have a Pastor and congregation/friends that can come support Boo Bear during his plays.

405. Reading a new book that keeps us both giggling throughout.

406. Seeing continued improvement in Boo Bear's reading. We had struggled so when he was little and everyone kept telling me it'd click. Boy what I'd say to myself if I could go back...

407. Fun building days at the library with friends.

 408. Fun science! Hands on science is the best. It's a good thing my kiddo likes science. :) He'd be out of luck since his Mama LOVES it!

409. Fun summer programs at the library, the movies, summer bowling...

410. Getting progress made on our school work. Yes we school year round.

411. This time I get with my kiddo. I'm so thankful we can homeschool. I get to see his progress first hand. I get to see his growing up/maturing first hand. While it's way faster than I want it to be, I'm seeing all those amazing changes and they are just mind blowing.

412. Being able to have days at home.

413. For upcoming fun and adventure

414. For a wonderful job that I can't say thanks enough for

415. For a hard working hubby

416. For new journey's ahead with our praise and worship team

417. Fresh laundry. Sometimes it's all you need to sniff that right out of the dryer, still warm, goodness.

418. The five seconds that all the laundry baskets are empty

419. For the dirty laundry and the people that produce it. Without those people my life would be very dull and boring!

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