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SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers Review

SmartKidz Media Review
My son loves all sorts of science videos. He watches them for fun and I love that! Recently we got the chance to check out a new product from SmartKidz Media called the SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers
What it is... SmartKidz Media library for homeschoolers is a large group of a variety of media options for you to use. It includes items such as videos, ebooks, games and more to engage your children and even you. You'll find a variety of topics and subjects covered including items such as:
  • Solar System
  • History and Wars
  • Science topics
  • Exercise Videos
  • Cooking tips and more!

You can stream the videos using a variety of devices such as your computer, tablet and we even used our Wii U to stream it on the television. Your child ages 13 and over could use this site independently while younger children can use it with supervision. 

How we used it... My son loves all things to do with animals. He watches science videos about animals over and over. When I signed on and the first four rows were about animals, he was ecstatic! We would typically pick one or two movies to watch throughout the day. This would be our science lesson for us as we mostly watched science videos. 

They are always adding more selections to the media library. A few they added while we were reviewing include World War II history and The Cold War History. I love that they are adding history to the collection as that is something I struggle with getting in. They also have an upcoming section on American History that will fit right in with our topic we are covering this year. We are both excited about that addition!

Here's a selection of what you'll find when you sign on in the video section of the library.

The videos are categorized together and are usually 30 minutes to sometimes an hour long. He watched several of the animal videos himself and we watched a few of the others together. As with any video watching, I recommend you screen the topics you have chosen before your children watch it. Just as a precaution as there may be some topics you wish to avoid or go over with your children before or as they are watching the videos. 

You'll also find a selection of exercise videos, which I liked. They are fun to work out with your children or by yourself. I love Yoga myself so it was nice to see some new videos. There's topics in there that Mom and Dad might enjoy including learning how to cook a variety of cuisine like Italian or French. 

Other items that are included in your membership are things such as games, ebooks and music to stream. The ebooks are animated and interactive so it adds a new dimension to reading a story. You can choose from topics ranging from the Classics to Bible stories and songs. 

What we thought... We both enjoyed the video selections we chose from the media library. I like the fact that he doesn't have to sit just at the computer but we can get them on the go with our tablet or on the Wii U. You can also stream through your Roku if you have one. I think this offers a nice selection for you to add to your current curriculum. You could even do a study on the cultures or themes they offer and add the videos to help enhance your study. 
There's a variety of options to choose from on this SmartKidz Media Library and they are continually adding topics and subjects to enjoy. You can watch it just for the fun of it or make a whole lesson out of the information they offer. 
You can check out SmartKidz Media on social media and see what's coming up this summer. You can check them out on both Facebook and Twitter
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SmartKidz Media Review  
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