Friday, June 12, 2015

Week in Review - Lots of Fun!

Yay! It's Friday! How is everybody doing? We had a great week this week. We are getting back into our routine now that Boo Bear is back home. Yes. Our routine during the summer still includes school work. :) . We are more of a summer during the months of November, December instead of June/July kind of schoolers.

That's because it's so hot during the summer here and because those two months always have lots of fun going on. Don't get me wrong. We still have fun during the summer. We do the bowling, summer movies, play times with friends that attend PS, swimming...

Oh and the library. I don't know about you guys library in your town but ours offers some amazing programs over the summer. We often end up driving to several of the library's to catch as many of them as we can. Like the ones this week where we met Deputy Magic, the mini therapy horse.

Schoolwork went right along as we are trying to finish up/start up some things. For some reason we are always sliding in math trying to finish it when everything else has pretty much finished. I don't understand it but it is what it is. Surely we aren't the only ones doing that, right?

We started up a new review product this week on a unit study program. We can't wait to bring that one to you soon so keep an eye out for it.

Our routine was sort of normal this week but we had a bunch of added running around. Normally we are home most days with errands here and there. The summer programs though throw a kink in things as they are almost every day of the week. We do have to pick and choose what we do or school just won't get finished.

Somebody was sure glad to see her boy back this week too. She has missed him terribly... She had to show him her new toy when he got home.

This coming week will be fun and exciting again. This is our theater camp week so Boo Bear is looking forward to it. I love that he has this one thing he looks forward to every summer. Thankfully we've been picked in the lottery the past three years so he's used to being able to go. I don't look forward to the disappointment if he doesn't get picked...

We are also considering the Minecraft Homeschool summer camp for him as well. Have any of you ever worked with their classes before? He really loves Minecraft on his tablet so I'd have to get the computer version. I think it might be a fun thing to try out.

Boo Bear also came home with birthday money. You know what money does to a kid(sometimes adults) right? Burns a whole through their pocket until they spend it? Yep. His did. So when we went shopping he picked out something. He just recently saw Jurassic Park as we are gearing up to see the new Jurassic World soon. So here' what he picked :

His expressions sometimes just amaze me. :) He's very entertaining hahaha

As for Mama, I've been busy with work, planning our homeschool year coming up and reviewing products that I can't wait to share with you guys. It's also been a lot of running around. I'm thankful for a day home !

So how was your week? Are your kiddos enjoying summer camps? Do you keep on schooling or are you on break? Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!!

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