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CTC Math : 12 Month Family Plan Review

CTCMath Review
Recently we received the CTC Math online program called the 12 Month Family Plan. We used the U.S homeschool program for several weeks during this review. The product offers grades K-12th in math , including those higher tough subjects such as Algebra, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. 

How the program works...
Working with CTC Math basically gives you an experienced math teacher in your home. Each day your child can work at their own pace with the Australian math teacher, Pat Murray. Mr. Murray goes over the concept in a video tutorial with your child before they work on problems of their own. 

The 12 Month Family Plan offers access for up to ten students under the one program. This works great if you are homeschooling several students of different ages. You can pay one price and have math set up for the whole family!

Each lessons teaches your child a new math concept in around five minutes or so. Your child can pick the concepts they work on or you can have the go through each concept in a particular order. 

How We Used It... 
Since we are almost to the end of our school year, I had Boo Bear start working on the topics we were currently working on. He would sign in each day and here is what his screen looks like:

He is working in the 3rd grade level. There are different topics under each "Stream" that he can work on. His streams included:
 - Number, Patterns and Algebra
-  Measurement
-  Space and Geometry
-  Statistics and Probability

Each morning he would sign in to the section I had chosen for the day and would work on a lesson or two. Typically he could do two lessons in a short period of time as long as he understood the concept. 

Once he got into the selected section for the day, his screen would show him the topics left in that section. He would pick the next topic and proceed with that lesson. Each lesson consists of Mr. Murray teaching on a video and then the test to practice the skills learned. This photo shows what a completed section will look like on your students sign in. Your student can see all their progress and what level they have achieved. 

The program also offers math games where your student can have some fun testing out their new skills. These speed skills are done in 60 seconds and just add another element to reinforce the new topics, or past ones, they have learned. 

For the teacher...
Using this math curriculum is easy for you as you do not have to prepare the math lesson yourself. Each lesson is already done for you and your student can sign on and go at their own pace. When  you sign in under your screen name, you can set up as many students as you need and what grade they are in. The parent sign in also includes reports for your students to see how they are progressing. Here is a shot of the Detailed Report which shows the classes worked on and the grades received.

You can also choose the Summary Report which shows you the sections of math completed and how their progress was going.

What we thought...
I loved the fact that this program is online and can travel with us. During this review my son was visiting grandparents and he could work on this while there. I could also make sure he was working on it and see his progress as I could check his reports on a daily basis. Another factor I love is that when the parent signs on you can see a log of when your students signed in and out. This lets you know when they were working and how long each lesson took them. 

My son liked the fact that the lessons were shorter than what we do normally. He could sign in and be finished with a math lesson in just a few minutes. I also like the fact the lessons are prepared for you and if it's a concept you struggle with, you can learn right along with your child. 

I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a great online math homeschool program that you can use on the go. It's a great addition to your math student to allow them to learn at their own pace. If you're looking for a great core curriculum math program, then you should check out CTC Math

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