Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thankful Thursday

430. For the five pounds I've lost recently. I am glad to see the scale move in the right direction for a change :). It's tough losing weight anyway but when you have conditions that fight you every step of the way, it can be doubly frustrating.

431. For a day out with this kiddo. Even though we are having a lighter school load, the days of rain and rain can make for an anxious household. When you can't get out it's a bad case of cabin fever. Thankful we could get out yesterday for some fun.

432. For days when hubby gets home a little early and can grill the burgers instead of me having to pan cook them.

433. For our silly dog who keeps us laughing all the time.

434. For this kids creative imagination. Here's a throw back Thursday photo for you. He's still just as silly and imaginative.

435. The sun still shining, even if it just peeks through every now and then.

436. For downtime with my two boys

437. For a good book to read

438. For great friends

439. For protection even when we don't know God is doing it

440. For awesome new recipes like this one...

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