Thursday, July 16, 2015

ThinkFun Compose Yourself Review

ThinkFun has done it again! Recently I was asked to review a new game they were producing called Compose Yourself. If you've ever dreamed of being a composer, this is your chance!!

Created by Maestro Philip Sheppard, this exciting new game puts you in the composer's seat. The game is designed for ages 6 and up with some adult supervision. Grab the cards and let's compose some music!

What I received...
You receive 60 transparent music cards when you purchase the game from ThinkFun. They are nice durable cards and it comes with a bag to keep them in. The instructions contain the online music code you need for the computer portion of this game.

How it works...
Playing the game is a lot of fun and here is where your creativity comes in. The cards all have numbers and music notes on them. Your goal is to write a melody with four cards at a time. You will lay out the four cards you like in order and then head to the computer.

Once you access the online site with your special code, you can begin inputting the card numbers on the top left of the card. The cards can be flipped over/rotated so it is different each time you use that melody card.

Once you have your cards in order and you're signed in, you can start putting in your music. The card numbers are entered in and you can use up to four sets of four cards. Plug in your numbers and sit back to hear what you wrote!!

You can choose for your melody to be played by Marimba, Orchestra or both of them together. You can share what you wrote, name and save it, or print out the music cards as well. The combinations are endless when you think about it!

You can purchase Compose Yourself on Amazon for less than $15. You get the chance to create your own music and play with it until you love what you hear.

What we thought... We had a blast playing around with this new game. I'm always impressed with ThinkFun products and this one is no different. The quality of the cards are very durable and tough. The carrying bag keeps everything in one place so you can always create more music when you're ready.

I highly recommend heading over to ThinkFun and checking out more of their great products. You can see other's I have tried by clicking here, here and here.

What is your favorite game to play with your family? Do you have regular game nights? Then this is another great one for your collection!!

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