Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday

It's that time of the week! Time to think of and count our blessings. So here we go!

460. Great friends to meet with and hang out on days when your brain is done.

461. A new book or two to read for me.

462. Visiting with family. While I'm so thankful Boo Bear is growing and healthy, he's growing way too fast for me. Here he is with one of his Great-Grandmas.

463. I am thankful we have found his niche. I don't know if I said that before but if I did, I'll say it again. He's definitely a theater, arts kid. He loves putting on plays, imaginations, and he's good at it.

464. Strength to keep going to all these extra classes we've started. Whew!

465. Pumpkin spice creamer that comes out this time each year. I have finally found it and am enjoying it in my coffee now.

466. That the heat is reducing somewhat. We no longer feel like we are being punched in the face when we step outside. That's always a great thing!

467. Boo Bear's art class. He's learning how to do different ways of drawing and painting and I'm amazed at what he brings home each week. Here's this week's project.

468. My quiet time in the morning. It's a much needed time and one where God and I can get alone and just chat.

469. Field trips! Even if it was stupid hot this day and we ended up leaving early... I learned a lot and he did too. Here we are learning how Marshall's and the lawmen of the west came about from a current lawman himself.

So what are your blessings this week? What can you be thankful for? Count your blessings with me each week!

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