Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Premium Dark Organic Cocoa Powder Review

I recently got the opportunity to review the Premium Dark Organic Cocoa Powder by Fine Naturals. I am a dark chocolate lover. I used to think milk chocolate was all that existed, until I tried the dark. Then a monster was born! I fell in love. It helps my dark chocolate addiction to realize all the benefits that eating dark chocolate can give you. 

I use only dark cocoa powder for my baking usually now and this one was a great addition to my pantry. I personally used it to make some hot chocolate on one of the cooler mornings we have had recently. (Cooler being in the high 60's but still cooler for us. ) 

I used about two tablespoons of the powder, hot water, a little cream, and some of my sugar free caramel syrup to sweeten it a bit. It was very nice and not too sweet. I can't stand my drinks to have too much of a sweet taste to them. This had just enough sweet, and a whole lot of chocolate. 

This non-GMO product is raw, vegan, and has no added sugar in it so it's great to use for all your baking and chocolate needs. This product is certified organic and has a nice chocolaty flavor. 

The moment I opened the bag the delicious chocolate smell hit me. I received the 16 oz bag and the shipping was quite quick from the time it was ordered. This would work great in your recipes any where you need cocoa powder or dark cocoa powder. 

It is not as dark as some I've used but I know some people do not like their dark to be too dark. :-) I highly recommend you try this product out by checking it out on Amazon. You can also see several other reviews of people who have fallen in love with this product too!

I have a very long list myself to try this in and can't wait to share more of how it went! 

I received this product free for my unbiased review. All opinions and thoughts in this post are mine. Check out my advertising policies for my full disclosure

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