Friday, September 25, 2015

Week in Review: Lots of Running, Some Field Trips, and Fun!

Park Day!!
This week was a fun week for us. We have had field trips, visits with friends, classes, and a calm day or two spread out in there.

We started our week last Friday with Boo Bear's first visit to a high school football game. He had a blast running around with friends and seeing this exciting game in person. I was in the band in high school so it was fun for me to watch the bands and get in some cheering for the high school team. Go Tigers!!

In school we kept right on keeping on with our subjects.  Boo Bear really is enjoying the Florida History PACES we are doing. I am too as I'm learning somethings about our state I never knew.

His math is progressing along nicely and we'll be done with this review chapter soon. He's working hard and I'm very proud of his progress so far. We didn't really take a break during summer so we are enjoying a breaks during the week every once in a while now.

We went on a field trip this week to the local Pizza Hut where the kids got a behind the scenes look at what it takes to get their favorite food to the table.
They had a blast learning how it all works and then they got to make their own pizza and put it through the oven. They even received Junior Pizza Maker certificates at the end. It was a nice time to hang out with friends and learn at the same time.

We had our art class and drama class this week. Science comes back next week so we are excited about that. This month's theme for the class is on photography so he's super excited. He received his first real digital camera for his birthday so he can't wait to learn some tips and tricks.

In blogging news I received some new review stuff this week and I have a new review out today you should check out. The new book we are about to use is called Eat Your Science Homework. Here's a sneak peek at it...

That one is going to be fun. We checked out some awesome games that you can view by clicking here. They were loads of excitement!

We found a new park this week too and boy we can't wait for the weather to cool down some. Boo Bear had a blast but we both lasted about 15 minutes before the heat go to us.

This weekend will be a nice time at home with friends coming over and church on Sunday. Maybe a surprise or two thrown in for us to do. Not sure yet.

So what did your week look like? Did you have tons of fun or was it a normal fun week? Have a great weekend and check out the link up for more weeks in review.

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  1. The science book looks interesting! I think my oldest son would enjoy it!


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