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Brookdale House Review: Drawing Around The World: USA

 Brookdale House Review
Recently we received the Brookdale House digital download, Drawing Around the World : USA for review. What better way to learn our country than by drawing through it? This fun and simple Geography program provides your students a way to feel comfortable with the states, their capitals, and where they are located all through drawing. 
Brookdale House provides a variety of Charlotte Mason method materials to help your child learn while enjoying the lessons. We all know that learning can be difficult sometimes and it can be hard to remember facts. By incorporating fun and excitement into the lessons, your child will remember what they've learned easier and longer!
Drawing the USA
 Brookdale House Review

This program incorporates something that most kids like to do with short, easy lessons to help them learn Geography. Let's face it. Geography can be difficult and it's not always a fun task. With this program, your child will learn to draw all of the 50 states plus Washington DC while learning fun facts about each state. The lessons literally take minutes each day and before long they are drawing the states from memory. 

Here's our week with the program:
Day One - On the first day we work on a new state. The first part of the lesson has your child tracing the state, drawing it on their own and learning the state facts. The worksheet asks items such as the capital, abbreviation of the state, when it become a state, and an interesting fact about the state. You'll also learn the bird, flower and industry that is most popular. Day one also has you tracing the state on the large map of the US and then practicing drawing it without lines to trace. 

Day Two and Three -  On day two and three, your child will practice drawing the state in a US map with lines and without. You also go over the capital and all the fun facts you've learned about the state so far. 

Day Four - This is review day. On day four you're given a page with a square in it. Your child will then draw all the sates and capitals they have learned by memory. Don't peek back at your practice! This helps your child to really cement those states, capitals, and facts they have learned so far. You can also write down the states abbreviations and capitals on the back of the sheet. It's really neat to see how far your child has gone through the process. Each week's day four sheet gets longer and longer!

What we did: I would print off the sheets for the week and make a trip to the library. I would grab up a few books on the state we working on to add to Boo Bear's study. We would look up the facts each first day of the week. Brookdale Press also offers a variety of online sources to help you find the facts about the state. You can Google your state or read it in a book. Either way works fantastic. 

This is a great way to learn the Geography of the country and get in some drawing at the same time. The lessons are very short and are great for younger ones who haven't built up the longer attention span yet. 

These are a great addition to your curriculum for a variety of ages. You can print them off and go with very little preparation on your part. It's a fun way to learn your states and capitals as well! 

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 Brookdale House Review
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