Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Yes. It's late but hey... There's no limit on being thankful right? So here we go. Thankful Thursday on... Saturday

510. For being on the road to some answers. We are heading to the allergist in the next week so we should be getting answers on what Boo Bears triggers are.

511. For an amazing husband. I know  I say this a lot but y'all. I'm so thankful for him!!

512. For an amazing group of church folks who always are there to step up and help out in the community.

513. For living in a small town

514. For pumpkin carving... I can't believe he did his own all by himself. Really. It's both exciting and sad because he's growing up way too fast...

515. For great friends who sit and listen to you vent

516. For coffee. Early in the morning. Even on Saturday

517. For an art lesson taught by my kiddo. Sometimes they turn the tables and teach you instead of the other way around...

518. For fun Halloween events together as a family

519. For amazing new clients that only God could provide

520. For adventures yet unseen... 

So what are you thankful for this week??

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