Friday, November 6, 2015

Ann McCallum Books: Eat Your Science Homework Review

We love science here in our home. It's a main part of our everyday. Science is fun and exciting and can literally be found in nearly everything you do. What better way to reiterate that than with a fun review from Ann McCallum Books called Eat Your Science Homework!!
What We Received: 
We received a physical copy of the book called Eat Your Science Homework. This exciting book covers a variety of science topics such as the periodic table of elements and black holes all in the kitchen. 

Each lesson provides information on the topic before you get started. Then follows the recipe for you and your children to make in the kitchen to model the topic. Then there's even more information on how the recipe works and shows you the science topic at hand. There's a lot of fun tasty recipes like sedimentary lasagna and black hole swallow ups. 

We made Atomic Popcorn  Balls first.  The list of ingredients that are used are typically things you have around the house. 

The recipes are really easy to follow and basic steps that your children can do with some supervision. 

It was really easy for Boo Bear to read the directions and follow them to make this recipe. I had him read the first few pages about the periodic table to make sure he had an understanding of what we were working on. Then we hit the kitchen!

We made two different colors of popcorn balls with ours. 
I do agree with Boo Bear. These kind of felt gross when we were putting them together. They were tasty but felt icky and sticky. That just adds to the fun times in the kitchen!

Once we were finished making these snacks we enjoyed one. We added in raisins but you could use other dried fruit in the recipe if you like. 

We also tried to do the sedimentary lasagna recipe. I learned a lesson because I didn't follow the instructions completely and we ended up with a hard as rock dish. Of course it helped to cement the lesson in Boo Bear's mind because he then proceeded to say, "Oh I get it. Sedimentary Rock Layers!!!" That's not what I had in mind, but hey, it worked. 

What we thought:
We loved this review! We love science anyway but this was such a fun time in the kitchen together. These recipes make learning science exciting and a treat when you get to Eat Your Science Homework.

Also, when we received the book, there was a signed postcard and a note from the author. It made it a personal touch and the book was signed as well. Boo Bear thought that was really cool! 

We totally recommend this book and any of her other experiment books to those who are looking to add to their fun in science. Whether you need extra activities to reiterate your lessons or just something fun to do with a group, this is your resource.  This is a great addition to your everyday lessons, a great Christmas gift for that science kiddo in your family or just a fun resource for your co-op to give you fresh ideas. 

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Ann McCallum Books Review

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