Monday, November 9, 2015

The Critical Thinking Co. : The Basics of Critical Thinking Review

Recently we received the opportunity to review The Critical Thinking Co selection called The Basics of Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking Co strives to help your children of all ages improve their thinking skills, test scores, and their problem solving abilities. These skills cover all subjects including math, science, and history. The company offers a variety of books, test preparation options, full curriculum and even preschool programs to help your little one get a great start.

What We Received:
We received the physical book called The Basics of Critical Thinking. The book is for grades 4-9 and offers daily lessons on helping to improve your child's critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking is important in helping your child succeed in life itself. It helps them deal with daily problems that come their way whether it is in class or in social situations. Learning these skills early on can truly help them improve study habits, grades, and in test taking down the road. 

This book is full of critical thinking skills and covers everything from what critical thinking is to learning arguments and analogy skills. The book also reinforces and teaches your child how to identify and evaluate the evidence you're given. This is all done through easy to understand activities for your children to work on. This award winning curriculum allows you to do the assignments one day at a time or you can work on several if you wish. 

How we used it:
Each morning we would do one assignment from the book to help us start our thinking process for the day. These include fun graphics and illustrations, easy to follow directions, and assignments for each skill taught. The lessons are fairly short so that you do not lose the attention of the younger crowd who may have shorter attention spans. 

My son enjoyed working on these and said this was one of his favorite parts of the day. We found ways for it to cross over with other curriculum as it would prompt discussions on whether something was really truth or if it was a belief. 

These skills go with your children throughout life and actually help you improve yours as you work through the book with your students. 

What we thought:
This book was a hit in our classroom. Boo Bear really enjoyed the assignments and enjoyed the challenges it presented. It can be hard sometimes to keep their attention or focus when the assignment feels boring. That was definitely not the case with this book. These assignments were easy to get through and Boo Bear absolutely loved working on it. It's nice to have something that we can work on that does meet hesitation. It makes it easy on Mama too when we have these type of assignments that are met with excitement. 

I highly recommend check out this and the other selections you'll find at the Critical Thinking Co. Be sure to check them out on social media below and click the banner to see other Crew Reviews.

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The Critical Thinking Company Review

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