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SimplyFun: The Climbing Knights Game Review

We love playing games here. We always get super excited when we are chosen to review a new one and this SimplyFun game, The Climbing Knights, is no different! This is one of the four newly released games that SimplyFun is offering. We fell in love from the first time we played it and it has been quite a popular game here.

SimplyFun provides educational games that make learning fun, all while the kiddos don't really realize they are learning. What more could you ask for? These award winning games are perfect for all ages and for special needs as well. If you have a child with autism in your family, you'll find a wide selection of games that are fun and offer a variety of characteristics for your children to learn. If you happen to be using these with a classroom or group of kids, they are also aligned with the National Core Standards.

Each game from SimplyFun offers your child a range of skills that includes:
  • Exploring
  • Solving problems
  • Experimenting
  • Practice
  • Creating
  • And Imagination!
You'll discover over 100 different educational games that are available and they have four brand new ones! They offer great homeschool resources for families or even to use in your co-op group. We chose the Climbing Knights for our review and let's take a look at it now!

This game is a multi-player game for up to four players at a time. It is set for ages 8 and up to work with it. Typical game play can take around 30-minutes, depending on how fast your knight can get up the tower and down with their coat of arms.

In the game you receive heavy duty castle building parts that make up the tall tower. It is a magnetic board and very thick and sturdy. You have four different colored knights that are two boys and two girls. You also have two guards, the grey one and the black one. The game also contains three dice that are all thrown at once. One die tells you how many spaces the grey guard moves, one for the black guard and one for how many spaces up the tower you climb.

How the game works:
To play the game you roll the dice after picking your knight color and placing the coat of arms at the top of the tower. Once you roll the dice you see how many moves each guard makes and the last dice is how many spaces you climb. You can only move in certain directions and you have to jump the windows. But don't get caught by the guards!!! If they see you climbing you have to slide back down to the bottom.

Now, your guards may fall asleep during the game at which time you're safe to move however you want. When they wake up and start moving, you have to be clever on how you move up the tower. The winner is the one who makes it up the tower, grabs their coat of arms and slides back down without being seen by the guards.

The many faces of Boo Bear during the climb.

This was a really fun and exciting game to play. This game works on both spatial reasoning and strategy skills as you have to figure out how to climb the tower without being caught! What are you to do!

What we thought:
We both really enjoyed playing the game together. It was fun to see who would be seen by the guards first or if we could make it all the way up the first time without being caught. Boo Bear gives it two thumbs up as he really enjoyed playing it.

Mom loves it too. It's very durable, sturdy, and easy to assemble. The pieces are good quality and it was easily put back in the box. (another Mom plus there).

Overall it was a delightful game to play and we highly recommend it to anyone who loves games, learning and fun all at the same time!

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