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Logic of English: Essentials Review

Logic of English Review
Recently we received the Logic of English product called Essentials 2nd Edition for review. When we opened the package we were quite overwhelmed at how blessed we were to receive this review. The tools and items that comes with this product is amazing!

The basics behind the Logic of English program is not only learning the spelling rules, but learning the why it's done the way it is. It encompasses all types of learners in their homeschool spelling curriculum and it offers ways to get the lesson across for hands-on learners, visual and auditory.

Logic of English Review

What we received: We received the Essentials 2nd Edition program which is a multi-level approach to reading and spelling in one book. It works great for homes who have more than one grade level working on their reading and spelling curriculums. You start out by taking a placement test with your children to see if they are on level A, B or C.  We took the test and started working on the level B lists. There are also some pre-lessons you can go over with your children if they need a refresher or aren't quite up to par with level A just yet.

Basically your lessons are very much the same, however, your spelling lists are different. Each lesson contains three lists of spelling words so that your child works on the level they are at.

Our package included the following items:
  • The Essentials Student book and Teachers edition
  • A spelling journal
  • Phonogram cards - both the basic and advanced levels
  • Flash cards for the spelling rules
  • Grammar and Morpheme flash cards
  • Game cards
  • Game tiles for the phonogram games
  • A quick reference guide to spelling rules
  • and a spelling analysis card
When I'm telling you this kit was amazing, it is! There's so much to use and utilize to make spelling and reading fun. You don't have to worry about boring your kids as there's always something different to do each day.

How it works:
Each day is scripted out for you in the teachers book. I started off going through the first few pages of the book myself to familiarize myself with how it works. Each day has a lesson plan, activities, and a script to make it super easy for you to teach your children. You can stick with the script or just read over the lesson and work it your way. The spelling lists are on three different levels so you can work the one that fits where your child is at. For us, that meant level B.

Each days lesson also has content for each level of the program that they are on. So when you're teaching multiple students, you can easily cater it to which level they are working on by asking more in depth questions, or covering harder concepts. Each lesson also has practice ideas for your children, tips for you to use in teaching the lesson and a bright colorful format that makes it fun for everyone to use.

Some days you'll use the game tiles and make a game out of spelling. (who doesn't love games?) You'll check their understanding of the words and rules you've gone over through the week to make sure everyone has grasped the concepts. It gives you a list of materials at the beginning of each lesson so you're prepared and ready for what's coming.

What we thought:
This is a great option for your homeschool reading curriculum or spelling curriculum. It is very easy to work with as far as telling you how to teach it, how to tweak it to fit your children's levels, and it encompasses multiple areas of homeschool. If you're working with a struggling speller or reader, this is a great addition to have in the home.
Logic of English Review

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Logic of English Review

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  1. I LOVE the approach of this curriculum, but since I plan to use it with a 5th and an 8th grader, I am concerned at the massive financial investment for one semester's worth of material? Do you feel it is really worth all the money?


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