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Memoria Press: Fourth Grade Literature Guide Set Review

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review
Recently we were able to review Memoria Press again and their Fourth Grade Literature Guide Set. We have been blessed with Memoria in the past and were always pleased with their homeschool curriculum options. This time was no different!

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

Memoria Press offers a variety of options for the Classical education model at home. You'll find everything from Latin programs to reading, literature and even full K-12 homeschooling curriculum options. This time we received their amazing literature guide set for the fourth grade.

I always want to add in more classical books and great literature but have a hard time doing it myself. These guides are just the thing I've been looking for!

What we received:
We received the full literature guide set for fourth grade. These include the student workbooks and teachers edition of the workbook, so you have the answers handy.

The titles include:
  • The Cricket in Times Square
  • Homer Price
  • The Blue Fairy Book
  • Dangerous Journey

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

These sets do not include the actual book you read but we found them at our library. The books are all fairly inexpensive so you can purchase them as well to go with the guide set. These workbooks provide you with a great way to reinforce what story you're reading, learn new words, and make sure your child is comprehending what they read.

You can read the book out loud together as family reading time or if your child is older, they may want to do the reading in their quiet reading time. For us, Boo Bear would read it out loud to me then we would proceed with the workbook.

How we used it:
Each day we would focus on reading a chapter. Sometimes it would take him a couple of days to read it and others he'd finish a chapter in one reading. However long it took him, we'd focus the next day on the workbook itself.

The workbook contains pages for each chapter. Each time you'll have new vocabulary words that were used in the reading, along with their definitions. There are four comprehension questions after the vocabulary practice to allow your child to discuss what was in the book chapter. It might be questions on what the setting of the story is, what are the characters you're introduced to and what have you learned so far.

The worksheets for each chapter also have memorable quotes of that section, discussion questions and further enrichment details to go over. For us, we did the discussion questions out loud but you could always have your child write their answers down.

Along through the book you'll have quizzes about every four chapters and then one final quiz that goes over the entire book.

What we thought:
We really enjoyed working with these literature guides. The stories are great for his age group and I liked the fact that I could easily get a grasp of what he read. It also made it easy for me to see if he was really reading it or just skimming. (not that anybody else's child does that, right?)

I like having this guide as it helps me to know books for his age group and it guides me in helping him to make sure he's understanding what he read. They are great additions to have for your yearly curriculum. Each book guide is supposed to take about 6-7 weeks, so reading one or two chapters a week is doable. Sometimes you'll read more, sometimes it might be less.

We are super excited to read the next book, The Blue Fairy Book. These guides all work to make a wonderful year's worth of curriculum for your child's literature program. I love that these are also books I've honestly never heard of. (well a couple I have). It's always great to me to find books that are fantastic but that I've not had the privilege of hearing of yet. We really enjoyed the one we read and are now moving onto the next book in the series. This was such a blessing to us to have a structured literature curriculum and I'm seriously considering doing the next one for fifth grade as well.

We really enjoyed working with this Memoria Press product as we have the others in the past. Be sure to check them out on social media below, and see what other Crew Members reviewed by clicking on the banner. If you're looking for a full year's worth of curriculum for your literature, then you can't beat the Memoria Press literature sets!!

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

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