Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday

700. I'm thankful for the strength God gives us to get through each day. It's crazy schedules around here and only by His grace and push can we make it through.

701. I'm thankful for finding a Keurig filter that works with my machine. It can be testy sometimes so it's nice to have one it gets along with.

702. I'm thankful for work. It is crazy, busy but it pushes me to grow and learn.

703. I'm thankful for friends that we are meeting and getting to know through our different adventures.

704. I'm thankful that we have such a supportive church family. They are awesome.

705. I'm thankful that we get to try out all kinds of curriculum and that we can change in the middle of the year if we need to.

706. I'm thankful that it's getting to be close to pool time and even if it's freezing, we can swim soon!

707. I'm thankful for unexpected adventures.

708. I'm thankful for time to spend with friends and family when it comes around.

709. I'm thankful for spontaneous get together's with friends for dinner on a Friday night.

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