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The Old Schoolhouse : Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review

Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review
I love planners! As a planner myself, I love having things written down and organized to the littlest detail. I am a recovering planner ;-) but I still love to have it all where I can quickly see everything we need to do in a day. (recovering as in I was once very, very stressed out by anything that didn't go according to plan. I'm learning to go with the flow more). In steps this new amazing review that I can't wait to share with you!!! I received The Old Schoolhouse amazing planner called the Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017. You've probably seen the Hey Mama posts on their Facebook page and all those words of wisdom show up in this awesome planner!

Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review
What I received:
I received the physical planner for my review. The planner is of high quality print and is full with over 190 pages of amazingness all in one book!

 The planner offers calendars at a glance for the entire 2016-2018 years. That's a plus as you can quickly see where dates fall for each of the next three years. The planner provides pages for you to start your lesson planning and calendar date planning starting in July of 2016. Most academic planners I've found start the planning in July so this fits perfectly.

At the beginning of each month's section you'll find a devotion and notes page for the upcoming month. You will have immediately following a monthly calendar page for the entire month for you to write down major events, appointments you have for that month. They offer larger squares for each day so it's easy to keep up with everything that is going on. This is the same for each month in the following calendar year.

 The planner also offers a variety of help pages for you to utilize. There are tons of different logs for you to use for multiple students for the year. They include things such as book reading logs, yearly goals for each of your students, monthly goals for each month, and even semester goals for each semester. So no matter how you break down your goal setting for the year, they have got you covered!

You'll also find pages that include fun facts such as the US Presidents wives, story starter ideas for your kiddos, the 13 colonies, and even a list of popular inventions on a timeline. When I say it's full of fun and useful tips and tricks, it is!

For those who have high schoolers, you're going to love the next part. In the back of the planner are a few pages dedicated to creating that very valuable and necessary high school transcript. There is a full page dedicated to tips and advice on how to start creating the transcript and what you need to include for a solid one. There are planning pages to help you outline the year, their grades throughout the semester and their overall grade at the end of the course. You can use this for all four years of their high school career to help them get a solid foundation for their upcoming college future.

How I used it/will use it:
I am using this planner for our upcoming homeschool year. I've already started writing in the resources I want to utilize and remember this year, plus our plan for curriculum choices and what I need to purchase still. I try to use the summer to plan for our upcoming year, although we school year round. The summer time is a much lighter load for us so I use this to get an idea of lessons going, what we're going to accomplish by the end of this calendar year, and where I want us to be by Christmas. That's exactly what I'm using this for. Since some of our July will be still working on our current curriculum, I'm waiting to start planning that month till I see how June goes.

I have already started our list of books read and will have a list of books to read that I add in to it. That way we have both in one place.

I plan on using the writing prompts provided in the planner as a way to get Boo Bear writing this year. We have kind of toyed around with writing and grammar and I am really trying to instill it even more this year. I want to make sure we have fun ideas to use and spark creativity and they will do just that.

This planner offers everything, and then some, that you could need for your homeschool organization.

What I thought:In case you couldn't already tell, I love this planner!! I love the kind words of wisdom and encouragement that the Hey Mama devotions bring throughout the entire planner. I love the easy to use system and at a glance features of the calendars and dates.  I really love that the reading log and other necessary items I need to plan our year are all in one place.

I love that it shares tips and tricks for me to get Boo Bear to writing, for me to record our year, and things for us to dig deeper into.

I highly recommend this as you're getting into planning your upcoming homeschool year. Check out the planner on their social media sites below.

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Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review

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