Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Introducing My Best Friend!

I have to share something with you today. I want to introduce to a best friend of mine. We've been together for quite sometime now and I think a proper introduction is needed. Introducing... my Crock-Pot.

Yes, the my Crock-Pot is one of my closest friends when it comes to cooking in my kitchen. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE to cook. I enjoy finding new recipes and experimenting, I mean offering/trying them out, on my family.

Let's face it. We all have busy, crazy days where we just want dinner to welcome us when we get home. We just want to walk in at dinner time and everything be ready to place on the table, eat, and clean up. That's it.

It doesn't always happen that way but when I use my good ol' buddy, it does. I can simply grab the ingredients I need, toss them in, and go! Dinners ready in a few hours and no worries on my part. Unless I forget to turn the pot on and then... well... it's not a pretty way to end the day.

So, grab your coffee, or tea, and go with me on the journey of why I love my Crock-Pot.

A dependable tool
With the exception of forgetting to plug it in or turn it on, this pot is the most dependable tool I have for cooking a delicious meal on time. It takes the hassle out of standing at the stove, waiting for things to happen. This can be doing the work for me when I'm doing other things around the house like working at my job, cleaning the kitchen itself, or homeschooling my kiddo.

A forgiving tool
Although I try my hardest, sometimes I mess up things and they don't always taste the greatest. The Crock-Pot itself is a very forgiving way to cook a meal. It is welcoming to all your ingredients and cooks them thoroughly for you so there's no hard feelings ;-)

A time saver
Goodness me, I can't tell you how much this has saved me over the years. I've had a variety of Crock-Pots in our married life together and each one has been a huge time saver for me. When I have an especially busy day it's there, cooking dinner for me, so I can offer a delicious healthy meal to my family at the end of the day.

A money saver
Yep! You read that right. It has saved us money in a variety of ways. I can throw dinner in the pot before leaving for the and it stops the, can we just get dinner out, mentality. There's no need to run for take-out when dinner is waiting at home. It helps us to eat healthier too as I know exactly what went into that pot. Sometimes the restaurant meals you're playing guess that ingredient. Not with the CP!

Always Ready When We Are
Another great benefit to these amazing pots is that when we need dinner to be ready, it is. Sometimes we never know what time dinner will be due to work schedules, extracurricular activities, etc. This way we know that dinner can be ready whenever we need it to be. I love the warming feature as well since it's able to just keep it warm if we have to eat at different times from each other.

No this is not a review. No I'm not getting paid to say any of this. (course if Crock-Pot wants to pay me I'll GLADLY write a different review :) LOL)

I just want to encourage you whether you're single, newly married, have a bunch of kids or no kids, your Crock-Pot is your best friend. There's a ton of different amazing recipes out there to fill your pot with love and deliciousness.

Right now I've got chili going for our dinner tonight since the temperatures have dropped here. I'd love to hear what your favorite go-to CP meal is. I'd also love to hear why you love your crock-pot!  Share them in the comments below and happy crocking!!!

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