Friday, August 11, 2017

Week Three Down!

Welcome to our school journey through 6th grade!

Week three is in the books! We have been diligently working right along. Boo Bear is totally blowing my mind this year. He's been working very hard to get all of his school work done. No fighting or tears. Well, a few tears because let's face it, whoever decided to put letters in math was crazy!!

Otherwise, we are working away and getting stuff knocked out. I am very pleased with how our curriculum choices are going so far and how everything seems to be flowing well.
So here's a look at our last few weeks.

He has completed chapter 1 and we are halfway through chapter 2. The 1st one was a simple review and chapter 2 has thrown him right into the mix of Algebra with it's equations, expressions, terminology and putting those darn letters in with numbers. He's doing great though. We've had some challenging days where he wanted to quit, but we worked through and he's doing amazing.

This has been really fun so far. We are learning a history of science in our General Science curriculum from Apologia. I'm trying to take it a little slower than we will eventually go through this book because it's a lot more involved than our past books. I don't want him to miss things. He gets to go do experiments with Papa and Mimi so that is lots of fun.

Language Arts
This has been going well with writing and reading. Spelling is a different story. This seems to be a struggle for my guy but we're working on it every week. Some of the things I'm running into are he has all the letters there but a few of them are in the wrong order. We decided to shorten his spelling list this week to see if it helps. Also, on one of his tests, I asked him again to spell it orally instead of writing and he got some he missed while writing them correct. So, I'm trying to work on helping him memorize those words and figure out how we can get through our spelling lessons. I've told him that some people just have trouble with it and so we're working diligently. 

If you have tips or tricks on learning words, please feel free to share them! 

He also found a few new books he's enjoying from the library. He's loving these two series, The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut and Here's Hank. He's reading these books in two days or less, which if you read of our earlier journey in reading, this is a huge accomplishment!

We are loving NotGrass American History! I mean we are having a blast so far! We started watching Teen Jeopardy this week as they were featuring young kids and some of the questions on there Boo Bear knew because we had just read about them. 

This is certainly a hit for us. We've been reading about Jamestown, Boston, Maryland, Native Americans and so much more. I am loving the Map studies he's doing and the lesson sheets are a great help. 

We have a few more weeks before his theater starts back up so we'll be busy, busy! Fall always brings on lots of fun activities and crazy running. I really like getting our school back into a routine before things like that start up. So far we are on track with the lesson plans and are doing well. I pray this pattern continues. 

So that's about where we are right now. He's plugging away at his history right now and I'm gearing up for a relaxing weekend, hopefully. 

How is your school going? Hope you have a blessed week ahead and thanks for stopping by!! 

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