Friday, July 28, 2017

Our First Week Back!

 So we made it through our first week of 6th grade! Whew! This week was kind of a slow start so that we can get back into our routine. I don't like hopping right back in full blast as it can backfire, dramatically. 

So we took it slow and trickled in almost all of our subjects for the week. I'm very pleased with how our week went and I am excited to see how the rest of the year goes. So far, so good!

I think I will try to do weekly reviews this year, however, it may be more like bimonthly or monthly. Let's face it, life is busy! However, I miss my blogging so I'll be here as much as possible this year. I'm looking forward to sharing our journey through middle school and sharing tips, ideas, and so much more! 

So, here's a look at our first week back to school!!

We are starting our year doing the Jesus Calling for children devotion. He's loving it and I love that this is how he starts his day. 

Our math went smoothly. We started with review, as each year does, and we are moving right along. Long division is how they chose to start the review so that's been fun (read sarcastically). We are making it through without too much break down yet.

We started our science this week and so far so good as well. We're taking our time as this curriculum is technically for an 8th grader. However, it's my favorite subject and we have grandparents close by who can assist with any questions. He's doing great and super excited.

Love this!!! He's having a great time with history and so am I. I love American History so this one fits both of us to a T. He's excited to do the work and listen and I'm excited because I love this subject myself. 

We're also working on our Geography skills in a workbook a few times a week. That's a fun break for him as well. 

Language Arts
We're slowly adding in all the aspects: Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Cursive. It's a lot but it doesn't take up as much time as you might think. I'm considering adjusting my calendar/schedule. To be honest, I made out schedules for 12 weeks with every single subject everyday. I'm trying to figure out what works best for him so we may do these skills three or four days a week instead of all five. It depends on how busy his science and math get down the road. Those days that are more difficult than others call for some tweaking. That's the beauty of homeschool!!

New school year screams new school supplies!

Extra Stuff
This week Boo Bear took a field trip with dad to see some cool things he's never seen before. He has also moved up to youth group at church so he got his first taste of what it really is like this week as well. We have a friend coming to hang out today and we have a nice family weekend to spend at home hanging out. All too soon he will start back with theater and other outside classes so we will soon be running crazy!

So, that's us in a nutshell this week. Moving along slowly and steadily. Super excited to see what next week holds as we add more in and get deeper in our studies. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend!! 

Be blessed!

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