Sunday, September 24, 2017

Weekly Wrap-up (Several Weeks Now)

Whew! It's been over a month since I wrote up a "weekly" wrap-up post. I guess time sure flies when you're having fun, huh? So, without further ado, here's what our last month or so of homeschool has looked like.

Adventures in Life
Well, this past month we have watched an eclipse, gone through a hurricane hitting our state and home, went on a field trip and visited my brother and sister-in-law. Whew! That's a busy time just in itself, not including our everyday other things. Boo Bear has started theater back in the past week and is working on his fall play. He's super excited to be back in theater and Mama is just trying to get back into the busy fall routine that always hits about this time. 

Let's take a look at our studies: 

Field Trip
We went to a science museum and utilized their free homeschool day back in August. It was a nice trip and was a different museum than the one we typically visit each year. Mimi and Papa were able to tag along this year but alas, Nana was not available. We'll have to plan another trip with her. 

There were lots of fun hands on things going on and of course, dinosaurs were amuck!!! 

We had a blast touring all the different exhibits and Boo Bear got to be a weatherman for a bit. Little did we know as we rode out a Category 1 Hurricane in the simulator together that in less than a month we'd be staring down the barrel of a Cat 5 coming ashore. Thankfully, God is still in control and the storm diminished quicker than they expected so by the time it reached us it was around a Cat 1-2. You know it's something when your weathermen in the state say that they do not have a reason to explain why the storm did what it did except that there were thousands of prayers going up. Yay God! 

Boarding up our windows in prep for the storm.

Don't get me wrong. There was still devastation, we were without power for 5 days and many others are still in the stage of total destruction as their homes are gone, power is still out and they are not sure what to do next. Please don't stop the prayers coming for our state or those in Puerto Rico, the islands Mexico.

Our Studies
We've finished up the science history chapter and have moved on to the next module. This is going a little slower than we might normally go as we are doing an 8th grade science this year. We are having fun, enjoying the journey and moving as we can. 

Math is moving along and we're in Chapter 3, decimals. Whew! Those things can be boogers but Boo Bear is grasping it well so far. We are staying pretty much on pace with what I had envisioned for this first semester before the fall/winter holidays bring so I'm happy with it. 

Reading is going well and he's showing great skills in reading comprehension. He's also moving right along in his Geography, Writing, and Reading work books. He is struggling with spelling so we are working with some tips and tricks to help that. If you have any to help, that'd be awesome!! 

We also viewed the eclipse this year as well. That was a fun day in our home. Papa and Mimi came over at the peak so they could borrow our solar glasses and had a lesson on eclipse science with Papa.

Safety first!!
We also made up some of the view boxes so that everyone could have a good time seeing the eclipse together. 

There were some cool things going on with the leaves in the trees during the peak times. 

Did you get to watch it? Were you in a great location to see totality? Let me know!

That's a little glimpse into our homeschooling adventures for the past month or so. I hope you all have had wonderful adventures yourself and hope that we see you around the blogosphere! 

Be blessed and have a wonderful week ahead. 

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