Saturday, September 26, 2009


Why is it that in our human nature we always assume the worse? Instead of trusting God to take care of it we assume something awful is coming. I guess since the world around us is such a negative place and such bad news all the time we just naturally go that way. Is it really natural though? Where is the light? This is what happened.... a couple days ago Jackson was being a boy and was bouncing around on the couch and ended up falling and hitting his head on the table. Course I panic because of all the things in the news of children hitting their head and passing away from something that seemed small. Well he was fine and then the next two days he complained of his head hurting on the opposite side. Well last night he laid his head in my lap and I noticed a knot. One behind his ear and one on the back of his head. Of course I panic because lumps and knots on the head... things like tumors and leukemia pop in my head. Instead of being logical and thinking lymph nodes I went to the extreme worse. Thought went thru my head like what will I do if it is and how will we handle it... Well, we went to the doc and all it is is some lymph nodes. He has a scratch, tiny scratch, on his scalp and because of that his lymph nodes went nuts and swoll up. On an antibiotic and we are fine. One day I will not let my human nature creep in and fully trust Him. I try. It is a daily battle because the fear of this world creeps in.
I hope you are all having a great weekend. We are going to have time with Nana this weekend so that will be awesome. Until next time....

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