Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Murnin...

Good Morning to all! Hope you all have a great week. This is the last one in September. Doesn't seem like we are coming up on October already. This is my favorite time of year. Fall brings with it the coolness, the passing of another year and resting in preparation for a new year to come. I love the fall colors and the brisk breezes that bring with it renewal. As the old dies off for another year we rest and prepare for a new start. I get so excited because with the fall comes my favorite holidays. In comes halloween first, a time to let kids be silly and dress up and have fun visiting and parties and trick or treating. Then comes Thanksgiving. A time to spend with family and reflect on what we have to be thankful for. With the times we are in it is sometimes hard for people to find anything. But, if you are breathing, have your family and friends around you you are very blessed. I think this economic downturn we have had has caused a lot of people to understand what really is important in life. Not keeping up with the joneses but with keeping up with your own family. Talking with each other and sitting down to dinner, playing outside together, playing a board game instead of trying to go into debt visiting a theme park. ;) Then comes my most favorite. Our Saviours birthday. Celebrating when Jesus came down to Earth, being with my family and just watching the awe in my sons eyes as he sees Christmas lights. Those things can not be bought with money. So instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off today, take a moment and hug your family. TAke a moment to reflect on what we have in our lives instead of what we dont. If you take a minute and look, we are pretty lucky!
Love to all!

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