Monday, October 5, 2009

October Monday

So we finally made it to October. :)LOL we had a great weekend. We went to a corn maze around here. It was neat. It was still warm but not quite as bad as it has been. We also had a great lunch at our local hot dog place beside the train station. It is so neat and Jackson loves going there. They have a train that runs around the top of the ceiling. It is a nice little place to go and have lunch on a Saturday. We are gearing up for a busy week here. Jack and I will be taking a trip visit Mimi and Papa! We are excited. As long as Jack can stay healthy that is.. Thankfully this is the first time in a LONG time that we have had to deal with sickness.
My parents farm was broken into this past week too. That stinks! I hate that someone can take away stuff you have worked so hard for. Also that in just a matter of a phone call that the security we feel can be snatched away. But, stuff is just that... stuff. Stuff can be replaced. A life not so easy. So I am thankful that my cousins found it after the fact and did not walk in on them. Also I am glad my parents werent there. Hope you guys have a great Monday!

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