Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Morning World!

Well, we had a good time yesterday. We went to the mall. Of course this was no small feat convincing my hubby because it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. :) But in the end I got my way.. :)LOL ( actually it was more like Jackson got his way.) We went to visit with Jolly Old Saint Nick too. Jackson was fine and waving at him till he got up close then he had stage fright. He told him that he had seen another santa already. LOL So we just walked up and said hi and got a candy cane this year. Then we had a great time just walking around the mall and spending time together. We got our usual cookie and drink for Jack and shared a pretzel for me and daddy. I told Bob this morning that I now feel like I can get in the "Christmas" mood. I dont know what it was before but now it seems more like I am feeling the excitement of the holiday season. I just love spending the time with my family. Watching the wonderment in Jackson's eyes as we find Christmas lights and see the beautiful things that this season seems to bring out. But it is also a sad time as well for those of my family who are not here to share in this season with us. Oh, they share in the season, just not in the way that I am used to. They get to share this time with Our Lord and watch us from above. I would love to have had my grandparents meet Jackson but I know they are in a better place. Hug your babies today and tell them you love them! Love yall!

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