Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh, my

Well, it happened. Inadvertantly my son taught me a lesson yesterday. :) We were watching the Iron Bowl on tv and a commercial for a car dealership came on. If you traded in a car with them you would receive a gift card in the amount of 750. Well, I wasn't thinking too much(as is my case sometimes) and I made the comment that would make a nice Christmas. Well Jackson looked up at me and said, " I want a good Christmas mommy.". Sheesh..... I looked at him and felt convicted at what I had just said. I told him he would have the best Christmas ever because the gifts under the tree were not what Christmas was about. I told him not to worry that we would have a great one. I was so blown back because I had not really thought about what that comment would mean to him. I was thinking of the economy we are in and we, like so many others, do not have a whole buckoo of extra money. Dont get me wrong, Jackson will have a great Christmas and the toys under the tree are piling up as we speak. :)LOL But for that moment, I realized that I had just made it about "stuff" to him because of that comment. Make sure you are careful what you say because even when you dont expect it, your children are listening to you. Make sure you let your children know what this season is truly about. Not about the gifts under the tree but about the greatest gift of all. I am thankful for this time and wish the Christmas spirit was around all year. Love to all!

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