Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We had a pretty eventful weekend. Not that it was a great eventful weekend, but eventful nonetheless. We started Saturday off pretty normal for us. Watching cartoons, eating pancakes together, and just hanging out. I finally talked Bob into going to the parade then too!:) Well, we ended up at the parade and for some reason, it was FREEZING!!! I guess it was trying to feel like Christmas so it was cold. Well we lasted for maybe an hour to an hour and a half and I had to take Jackson away. He was shivering although he was bundled up and I made us leave. He wanted to stay and see Santa and Mrs. Claus which is always at the end but we left. We made it to the McDonalds and was getting something to eat. I took him to the potty because he looked like he would be sick but wasnt. Then I couldnt get him to stay awake and eat. He would take a sip every little while but couldnt get much down him or keep him at all awake. I was starting to freak out. Then he started breathing fast. Really fast and way too fast for normal. Now because of his age, most docs dont call it asthma, they call it reactive airways disease. Nice way of saying... Asthma. He started to wake up a little in the truck while Bob and I were trying to figure out what to do. I called the peds nurse but of course I paid ten dollars for her to ask me what I thought I should do with him. Isn't that why I called HER? Oh, I was ill. I then called my parents and they said go to the ER because of his symptoms which was what we had already decided. He tried talking to my dad and I could tell he was having to catch his breath. I have never been so scared I dont think. Maybe only one other time when they thought he might have spinal meningitis. Well, to finish the tale, he had a bronchiospasm due to the cold air, which had cleared by the time we got there, dehydration, and a small ear infection. Which I couldnt figure out why he would be dehydrated because he drinks well. Anyhow, after all this nerves Bob and I were both sick feeling by the time we got home. It was a stressful night to say the least. But now we are all fine and working on Christmas wrapping, hanging out and my new job.
I have been blessed with a new job from home and love it! Hope it stays that way!LOL :)
Thanks be to God who has helped my baby and us. We are very blessed in everything. Even when I can't see it because of my shortcomings, we are blessed. Thank you Lord.
Love to all and until next time!

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