Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wrappin' gifts

Well, we started wrapping up some gifts today. It was interesting as Jackson wants to help this year. :) That was fun. We are having some nasty weather right now. Of course that means it has cooled off so that helps it feel more like the season it is. Being 75-80 degrees in December is weird for me. I dont know though. This year seems to be harder for me to get in the groove. Maybe soon I will be fully in the spirit. My trees are up, some presents wrapped and more to come, made some goodies but for some reason doesnt feel quite as Christmasy as it has. I mean I have my moments but it is hard to get in the mood this year. I am excited about going to my moms and dads for Christmas. That will be fun. I dont know. Before you know it though I may be so Christmasy I cant stand myself!:) LOL I am getting there it just seems to be taking longer this year.
The big Ocala Christmas parade is today. I really would like to go although it has been said that anywhere from 55000-75000 people try to squeeze in that area. But that is what this season brings. Things for people to crowd together around. LOL.... of course not if you ask my hubby. He doesnt want to set foot in that part of town. I guess we will see. I would like to go because I think Jackson would have a great time seeing all those trucks, and floats and bands; or maybe I would have a better time and I tell myself it is him. hmmmm..... We will see.
Hope you all have a great December 5th weekend. Love to all!
Being SEC Championship weekend I do have to add one more thing.... ROLL TIDE!!!! :)

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