Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rant and Rave....

Okay, this is my blog so i will say what i want. thought about posting this some where else but this seems like the best platform. I am irritated and my blood is beginning to boil...
If you dont agree with me fine but this is how I feel. There is an article on Ocala.com that is about Tebows commercial that is planned to air during the super bowl. I am a Bama Fan all the way but I am proud of this young man. He stands up for what he believes in. There is a commercial that is paid for in part by Focus on the Family. I talks about how Tebows mom was told to have an abortion because she had gotten sick and she decided against it and gave birth to Tim. It is called Celebrating Family or something like that. Of course some of the pro-abortion people are fighting and mad and protesting to CBS because this will give an anti-abortion ad place in the most prominent of Games. Come ON!!!!! These people shove their side and their views down our throats everyday yet when a Christian has the guts to stand up and oppose it they protest and say no... we cant let the people see that. That would cause division. NEWS FLASH!!!! There is already division. People who are on the opposite side of you are out there. They may have been quiet for a while but it is time they stand up. Me included. I am guilty of turning my ear to things and ignoring them when I shouldnt. I am sorry Lord. I will not go completley into my side of things because this is not meant to start a feud or fuss or argument. I know some of you out there will not agree with my views and you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am mine. So why shut down and ad that talks about a "choice" a woman made and celebrating family and life. Life is precious, no matter what stage it is at. Lord, help us. Where have we headed??!!
Sorry this wasnt cushy but I had to get it out. It makes me mad that people want to shout their opinions and beliefs and advertise it but if a Christian or Christ centered group wants to advertise something that is against the "norm" we have created they get all riled up. If you were offended reading this, you were warned. I would apologize, but I am not going to apologize for something that I believe just as you wouldnt apologize for something you believe.
Here is a thought for the day...
Someone once asked what if you live and die and find out there was really no God after all?
Answer--- I would rather live like there was and find out there wasnt than live like there wasnt and find out there was.
There is no going back, this is the only life we get. MAke the most of it!
Until next time

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