Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bittersweet Moments

Well, we had an awesome day today. :) We had a great park playdate this afternoon with some great friends. Then we came home and the little guy helped me make dinner. Yes, he helped cook his own dinner. :) Yes, I put it and out of the oven but he prepared it himself. We had homemade pizza and calzones. He made his own pizza for himself and was so proud.

He started pre k this past month and I am already amazed at how much he is changing and how fast it is happening. Bittersweet moments come when I am so proud of how he is doing but also missing him being little.

Yes there were tough nights and days where I questioned if I was really doing a good job. Was I being the mother I should be to this precious gift of God.There were trying moments where we both just sat and cried together because I wasn’t sure what to do for him. Times when we were all running on a few hours sleep and putting on a happy face for the day. :)

I am so thankful that God blessed us with this gift and that is exactly what he is. Watching and discovering the world through his eyes becomes more amazing each day.

We ended our day today with a nice long walk around our neighborhood. Now we are resting watching cartoons before bedtime. Times are flying and we are having fun.

JACKSON and various pictures 065 Now it is time to read a story and tuck someone into bed. Have a great weekend! Hold your kids while you can… you will blink and they will be grown.

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