Saturday, November 13, 2010

Been a while ;)

Sorry it has been so long since last posting. Things have gone wild here. :)

Jackson Plays Ball 011

I’m the proud mommy of a T-ball player. He had a blast playing and the season is over now. Not sure what sport is up next but thinking Soccer is in our future.

Jackson Plays Ball 046 Best Friends!

We have also gone through trick or treating and on our way to Thanksgiving. We get to visit with Mimi and Papa for Thanksgiving this year.

I am truly excited to host Christmas at my house this year. My hubby and I will be married seven years this year and this will be the FIRST time we have gotten to stay at home on Christmas Day.

I have to say that I have been having some real mommy moments lately. I look at my son and can not believe how fast he is growing. He is getting so tall and so grown up since he started school. I am very thankful for a wonderful Pre- K program here and to have found the school I did. Hopefully he will continue to love school. :)


jack and jen punkin We also had a great time hunting for pumpkins and picking the perfect ones. Hope you have all had a great time and I am trying to get back to posting regularly. Talk with you soon and God bless you!

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