Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesdays Tip/Thought

Good Morning or Afternoon! Whichever you might be reading this. :) I hope you are having a great day so far. I just wanted to take some time and share a site with you. I have recently been reading this site because of the great posts over there on homeschooling. We are embarking on this journey in the summer for the first time and to be honest it is a little {okay a LOT} overwhelming. I know this will benefit my son and I know that no one knows him better than I do but there is so much out there that you can become buried under the knowledge. I have read books, browsed the internet, read reviews on curriculum and the different styles. I have a picture in my mind of what it will be like and hope to accomplish.
With that in mind, enter Angie’s posts. She shares and opens up about how her homeschool didn’t look exactly like she had imagined. Other veteran’s have chimed in and shared that theirs was the same. Sometimes you just have to follow your child. If there is something they are interested in, go with it. There are ways to incorporate learning in all you do. These posts are encouraging me more and more everyday that we can do this.  I have to get out of the “school” mind frame. Yes, we are going to learn how to read, add, subtract and what mammals are. Yes we will keep up with what others in his age group are learning but doing it in a way that benefits him and he can grasp it. If he struggles on something we can stop and take time to “get” it. I have been watching him for a few weeks {well, all his life} and seeing how it is he learns. He learns by talking to you about it. Show him what you are talking about. Read him facts out of a book about the planets and he catches it. Don’t shove him in a desk and make him sit for hours on end doing busy work. :o) So I am excited to take this journey with my son.
Thanks to Angie over at The Homeschool Classroom for sharing these posts and showing us newbies that it is okay if it doesn’t work out quite like you had planned. Do you have any tips to share with newbies? I would love to hear them!

Stop by the Hip Homeschool Hop today and connect with other homeschooling families. It is a great time to make new friends and find encouragement along the way!

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  1. Stopping by from HHH. Congratulations in making this decision. It is overwhelming at first and then it gets easier. I would have been lost without the support and advice of other bloggers! Wishing you and your family the best!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling!! We are finishing our second year, and I have to tell you the second was much better than the first, mainly because I have felt more confident this year. Also, my kids attended a Christian school for 5 years, so they had to learn a new way of school too. We really enjoy it now, especially the freedom of getting to set our own schedule! Thanks for visiting my blog (via HHH) and leaving a link, I'll bookmark your blog to follow along!


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