Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Tips: Enjoy Summer

I just have to say… I did not realize how much I missed these get up when you want, have breakfast later, relax and cuddle mornings. I have so thoroughly enjoyed these mornings and I could so get spoiled and used to these. ;o) Yesterday we went through a “Practice” homeschool day. Not really practice but kind of. We did several different activities and Boo Bear is already asking this a.m. to do more school work. I am so excited that he is enjoying it and wanting to do these things. I am excited that as we are getting into a routine {sort of} it is becoming easier.

I am not naive that there will be tough days. There will be days that come that I wonder what in the world I was thinking. {I have some of those already} I know there will be days that we just have to stop having “school” and just enjoy the day in other ways. I know they will come but for now we are enjoying our summer. We have lots of things to do this summer as well as getting ourselves set up on a schedule. So far it seems that 9:00 is a good time for us to start. I love the fact that we can start then if we want or earlier if we need to.

What are your plans for enjoying the summer? We have trips to the bowling alley for free bowling planned, the dollar movies, the library programs, a trip to the grandparents and of course.. .Cars 2 comes out!! {I am as excited as he is!!}

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and can’t wait to hear your ideas! :)

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