Friday, September 9, 2011

MHJ #5

The Homeschool Mother's Journal 

In My Life This Week... We have had a pretty good week. I have been struggling with this virtual school. I just think I have made up my mind to come out of it and go it on my own. I just hate that he is getting frustrated with it and doesn't enjoy school. I am frustrated because I am displeased with how it is going and doing double work because I have to come up with extra things to do because he is bored. So I am struggling with whether to give it the rest of the month or come on out of it.

In Our Homeschool This Week... We did a few fun things. We started our homeschool P.E and Art class this week and he had a blast. We are also starting a Dinosaur Unit Study and he is so in love with them right now. ;-) He knows more about them I think than I do. LOL We did a diorama yesterday of a few of them and had a great time. We also have a trip planned tomorrow to Dinosaur World so he is sooooo excited about that. Dropping the virtual school part of this will I think benefit us both tremendously. I will be less stressed and he will be able to learn about things he wants to. Before we started he really enjoyed it and now that we have added that it is a struggle.

I am inspired by... The homeschool Mama's I got to meet this week. They have been doing this a lot longer and it shows me we are not alone. ;-) I know we are not alone but meeting them in person is such an amazing thing than just reading about all these people far away. It was so great to make connections with others in our home town. Don't get me wrong... I love all these Mama's I follow and each one of you inspire me!

My Favorite Thing This Week... Our homeschool classes and meeting other homeschool families. I also enjoyed making our diorama too!Oh, we also got to have a wonderful playdate with our friends this week. That was so nice to get together with some of our friends and just hang out. :-)

What's Working/Not Working for Us... What's working for us is doing it on our own. The things that we come up with and ideas I try out work perfectly and he seems to learn so much. What's not working is the virtual type atmosphere.

Questions/Thoughts I have... I want to do the right thing for him and me. {mostly him} I don't want to pull out of the virtual school too soon before giving it a chance but we have been in it three weeks. He is tired of the repetitive nature of the work he does and is far ahead of the math he is doing. Everyone I have talked with thinks it is best to get out and not wait. This is the only struggle I have with it...

Things I'm Working on... A fun dinosaur unit study for Boo Bear. He is so in love with them right now and I am trying to expand on that love. I have found some great online tips and ideas and have put them into place. We will be fully starting our dino lapbook and other projects next week.

I'm Grateful For... The support of other homeschool mama's. I met two great ones this week and had a wonderful time chatting and got so encouraged.

I'm Praying For... Guidance on how to proceed. I think I already know what to do but being sure of it sure helps sometimes. ;-)

A video, picture, link , or quote to share...  "My dog Oscar. "


  1. Cute dog! If you don't have to stay enrolled in the virtual academy, it sounds like you already know the answer. May you have peace over your decision!

  2. Can you contact the virtual academy and see about maybe moving him up, then maybe no more "baby stuff" and less boredom? I really think you have already made up your mind, just throwing out an option? Online blogs, friends, are awesome and help us through...but it is always nice to have a real life hand to hold when you need it.

  3. I think you have made up your mind about the virtual academy. Would it hurt to just try it on your own, if it doesn't work then contact the academy and see what options you have. Lean on your instincts as to what is best for your child.


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