Friday, October 14, 2011

Homeschool Week Wrap up

This week has been wild... We have been busy, busy, busy! From homeschool meet ups to practice and a spur of the moment doctor appointment.. Whew!!!

I have discovered something that seems to work really well for Boo Bear and his phonics or really his site words. I have printed off several words that I lay out on the floor and I ask him to find a certain word. This seems to really help him. Games are the key! I am learning this very quickly. At the ripe old age of 5 games seem to make everything go much smoother.  ;-) He loves playing games and doesn't realize all that he is learning while we are on a word hunt. This seems to help our day go much easier.

We got to meet part of a homeschooling group we joined this week and had a great time. We also met up with another homeschooling family at the park that was really nice as well. We have been gone more this week than home I think. Add in two tball practices, a doctors appointment for pink eye and a ball game and you have our week . WHEW!

We have family coming in a few days so we are excited and in prep for that. We are working on basic math and reading and I want to add in more Science. I am trying to decide whether we are doing enough in our day but I also realize we do more schooling than just sitting in the school room. So I am going to try to do some research and see what I can find. :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your family and we will see you around!

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