Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Review: The Soul Reader

I love reading suspenseful novels! I have never been a mushy romance kind of girl. When I was a teen I was reading R.L. Stine books and owned almost everyone of them. I never have liked the romance.

Add in a few years of growing up and I still love suspense with a LITTLE amount of romance thrown in. ;) This time I got to read and review The Soul Reader by Gerard D. Webster. I was hooked and drawn in from the beginning. This book takes you on a journey full of action, adventure and some nail biting moments. The main character has a gift. It is not always what he considers a gift but it is nonetheless. When he looks at people he can see what their souls say. He can see if they are truly liars, if they are good people or if they have deceit and ill will in their hearts. While at first you might think this would be something great to have, realize the grief it can bring in his life. 

The story follows Ward and Carrie as she is trying to uncover the scandal that has rocked Ward's hometown. A scandal that ended in his father being killed while saving Carrie. Follow Ward and Carrie through many ups and downs and emotional rides as they go through discovering what this was about and why there are now people after them with the soul purpose of getting them out of the picture permanently.

This was a wonderful read and one that I could get into fairly easy. I have enjoyed reading this story and enjoyed the redemption and forgiveness that comes through. I love how the characters throughout learned what true forgiveness is and how their lives are freer and more vibrant through it.

If you get a chance do go check out Soul Reader by Gerard D. Webster. Happy Reading!!

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