Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How We Count Down The Days....

This is the first year we have actually done anything to count down the days till Christmas. Since we are homeschooling we have added Advent Studies to our December school. We have read the scriptures and done nature walks and went on a hunt at the store for all the red and green we could find.

We are officially counting down the days with a nifty little calendar I got at the Dollar Tree of all places. It is cute and we are moving that Candy Cane closer and closer to the day.

Of course I think my son is counting down the days til he goes to visit Mimi and Papa more than the days till Christmas. LOL We have had fun doing activities that remind of us of the season and also of this joyous time. We watched our church's Christmas musical Saturday night live online. It was a sold out house for all three shows and boy I could see why! This is our first year there at this time and it was amazing. Next year I may try to get tickets to go see it in person :) . It was wonderful and my son just set mesmerized by the music. He particularly liked it when the young college age band came on the stage rocking out some old Christmas favorites.

How do you and your family count down the days till Christmas? Do you have an activity each day or do you do one big thing each week? Share your ideas!!!

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  1. My kids have the Advent calendars with the chocolates inside the doors - it's Grandmas' little tradition to get them one each year. This year she got my 7 yr old son the Lego one -- I thought his eyes might actually bug right out of his head when he saw it. LOL

    The kids know I am doing the Advent readings for our church too, so they have been helping me by sharing their ideas of hope, peace, joy and love: some of which can be very amusing! LOL

    We do some activities too: it starts with out towns' Santa parade, then we get our tree and decorate it, normally we would have gone sledding and built a snowman too - but no snow up here yet! Our activity this weekend will be to drive around and see all the Christmas lights! My personal favourite!


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