Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Ornament...

I am joining in with The Blog Dare for 2012 at Bloggy Moms. I decided to join in now and get myself in the habit of it. :) Join me and other mom's this year to make a devoted effort to write quality and not just quantity ;-). That is my goal coming up this year for my blog...

I was trying to pick just one ornament that is on my tree that is my favorite and... I just couldn't do it. I picked out three that are special to us but there are so many on our tree that mean so much. There are several on the tree that Boo bear has made with his classes over the years. It is so precious to look each Christmas at how much he has grown. They are sweet reminders of precious times.

My first ornament I chose was this one we were given the year we were married.
I was actually afraid to put it on our tree for a while. It is beautiful and was given to us by our grandmother.

This one was from our cruise we took. My hubby and I had a great time! I can't wait to take Boo bear on a trip like this one day. Hopefully my hubby and I can plan another one for our tenth anniversary. ;-)

This last one was a precious trip and time with my hubby and parents. It was the last time he and I would take a vacation as a couple, the next time would be as a mommy and daddy. It was also the time right before my grandfather passed away and we had some precious moments and memories made.
I love putting up our tree every year and seeing all the memories. It is also nice to share with my son where these ornaments came from.

What is your favorite ornament? Are you like me and they are all sweet in their own way?

Have a wonderful Saturday with your family and enjoy the holiday times!

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