Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: Taking a Yes Day

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week... Well my weekly work has been slim... Actually it has been nothing for about 3 weeks so I have been doing other things. I basically work two jobs and one job just hasn't existed for what seems like a long time. So I have made several jewelry pieces and worked on other things. Today we are going to start the office project that my hubby and I have been discussing. Well, I will be starting on it. This weekend will be all of us tackling this thing. I got some much needed mommy time last night. I just went to Wal Mart and aimlessly walked around. LOL Do you take those days for yourself?

In our homeschool... This week we took a "yes" day. I find myself saying no more than yes a lot of times and it drives me nuts. (I know it does Boo Bear too). So we took a yes day this week. Whatever he wanted to do (within reason) we did. We spent the day at Busch Gardens learning about cheetahs. He is VERY into cheetahs and any other big cats right now. So he knows A LOT about them. :) We are still reading our Magic Treehouse book and another series book that he is into as well. He is loving the Reading Eggs program and I am so thankful for that.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... The civic theater classes are a HUGE hit for him. He is loving the class he is in now. It is a creative movement class and he is learning a dance routine. I am so proud of him. He is having a blast and enjoying meeting the new children each week. We also took our trip to the theme park this week. Other than that it has been a pretty quiet week. We are counting down the days until Uncle gets married!!!

My favorite thing this week was... My favorite thing has to be the Iceplorations show we saw at the theme park. It was absolutely fabulous. If you get a chance to go to it, it is a must! The theme was grandpa was trying to get his teen son to disconnect from technology and explore the world around him. It was truly breathtaking as the actors portrayed the animals. AND it was all on ICE!!! We traveled through Africa, the Great Barrier Reef, the Arctic and the rainforest. It was beautiful and Boo Bear was mesmerized.

Questions/thoughts I have... So I have to make the decision this year to either register with the county system or go under an umbrella school. I think for later years the umbrella schools will be great because of the fact that some will provide diplomas/certificates for graduation. What do you do? Why do you like your choice? I was thinking an umbrella school but not sure which to go with... What are your thoughts?

Things I'm working on... Curriculum is one thing. I have some ideas in mind for our history studies next year and also working on other areas. I feel for me it is necessary to have more of a structure than what we did this year. I love it, don't get me wrong, but we need more guidance I feel. I am also working on my project office and we will be getting a garden started soon! I am super excited about it because I already have some tomato plants growing in my kitchen right now!

A photo of this week...


  1. I needed more structure too with curriculum after coming up with my own plan for many years. Although it was fun and I liked the flexibility, having a "set" schedule that was already done for me was also nice. Ended up using Sonlight for a couple of years while my dad was going through the middle and end stages of Alzheimer's Disease. Having a pre-planned curriculum was one less thing I had to deal with on top of caregiving.

    Due to finances, I couldn't do Sonlight this year, so ended up doing a hodge-podge of curricula, lapbooking/unit studies, etc. that I had purchased in past years but had not used. It's been good...but I miss a more "cohesive" feel like I was getting with Sonlight.

    May end up doing a combination of both next year. We'll see...but your post reminded me I do need to sit down and start thinking about the upcoming school year.

  2. Love the idea of a "yes" day. I'll have to give that a try...for the same reasons.

    About the umbrella school...I don't know your options for your state. We go through a charter homeschooling school. I like the option for us. They give us our curriculum and some funds for extra curriculum classes. Then they file the paperwork with the state. The downside is my son takes tests but he doesn't seem to mind. Also, they can nix a curriculum choice. I haven't had a problem with it myself though. I'd list the pros and cons of both choices and weigh it out. What will give you the freedom your family needs? Which will give you the support?

  3. what a great picture!!! love it- hope you get in on free curriculum giveaway from GeoMatters on my blog - & on tues we are doing a kids in the kitchen link up - any recipe post is fine (you don't have to have kids in the pics) ;)


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