Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: Public Speaking

In my life this week... It's been a pretty mild week. We haven't been too busy this week other than the normal stuff. It has been kind of nice.

In our homeschool this week.. I am SO proud of my kiddo!! He had his first public speaking this week. In our homeschool group the kids did a report on a president. They could do whatever they wanted. Really it's to get them some public speaking practice. I can tell you this. If I am just in a casual setting I can talk. If I am having to hold everyone's attention... not so much.. :) LOL Boo Bear told them about George Washington and showed his picture. He did excellent!!!All of the children did a wonderful job on their presentations.

Questions/thoughts I have... I think we have decided to go with LifePacs for next year. It looks like an excellent curriculum and I love how it is broken up. That gives both of us a sense of accomplishment. I also like the looks of All About Spelling and a friend of mine has it so I can get it for a great price. Do any of you have experience with these? I would love to hear your thoughts. The reviews are all great but I would love a personal experience.

I'm cooking... I tried several things this week actually. I made a recipe from Pinterest called Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese. I also tried a weight watchers recipe for a cake and made a homemade chocolate glaze to go over it. They all turned out yummy. I'll share the recipes in later posts.

I'm reading... A mixture of things. I have some waiting at the library for me too. Gotta go get them... I am finding it hard to get through a book right now honestly. I LOVE to read but for some reason every time I pick up a book to try lately I just can't get into it. 

A photo to share...

Our buddy taking a power nap in the office while we do school work :)

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  1. Aww, such a cute doggie! I love Basset Hounds.

    PS I really like your playlist:)


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