Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Moments: Getting Started Early

Happy Monday!! (is it really Monday already) Welcome to April!! Spring is springing all over the place :) How about in your neck of the woods? Are you hearing the birds tweeting like us or are you still digging out from under the snow? It is crazy how this winter has been so mild this year... Hope that's not bad news for our summer...

This weekend was really nice and relaxed. I tell you what though... My heart just bubbled over. Boo Bear asked several times if we could "do school" stuff. :-) We did and I loved that he asked to do it. I didn't have to tell him, he asked. That makes this homeschooling Mama's heart leap with joy that he loves what we do. So we did a few light things. Worked on our calendar, talked with daddy about airplanes and the trails we see in the sky. We even watched part of a Myth Busters that was doing the condensation experiment just like we did a few weeks ago. Of course their experiment was on the beach with duck-tape and clear plastic wrap... hmmm.

I couldn't help myself this weekend...

We colored our first batch of eggs this weekend. ;) I saw first batch but it may be our only batch. Who knows? We had fun doing it and now we have hard-boiled eggs for the week! I am excited for Easter. This week we are doing a Lap-book in school for Easter, a play date with our friends at the park and we will throw an egg hunt in there somewhere.

What have you got planned for this week? Hope you have a wonderful fun filled Easter week and that you enjoy everyday! Be Blessed!!

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