Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Moments: I did it!!

Well I did it. The first time ever in my life, but I did it :) . This weekend was our annual March of Dimes walk in my town. I work for the local mom group and we are sponsors so off I went on Saturday morning. Now, in all honesty, I have only done one organized walk before in my life. A very small, go a couple laps around the track, type walk for Alzheimer's. That's it. My other walking experiences include around the block and on a treadmill. Never this long at a time though. Or not that consistently anyway. ;-)

So Saturday morning I met up with some great gals and off we went. For 6 miles. 6 miles at one time. You know what it wasn't that bad. Well, my shoe did start rubbing my ankle and half way through I was told to stop because I was bleeding. But other than that it was great! LOL I took care of my ankle and off we went. Stopping along the way to the wonderful sponsors with that awesome ice cold water and a few knick knacks. The clapping and encouragement make you feel like you are on cloud 9! So sweaty, hot, tired and bleeding(come to find out I wasn't the only casualty of short socks) we crossed the finish line with fists in the air and ready for our lunch :) It was a great experience and I enjoyed it. My legs didn't want to work Saturday afternoon or Sunday but we had a blast. I enjoyed it and look forward to it next year. Of course this time I will do some major training before that next one ;)

We had a great time at the park yesterday and exploring a nature trail together. It was one of those weekends I really felt bad because I didn't feel like doing much at all. You know those your allergies are kicking in, please don't make me move type days? Well that's how I was feeling. It is amazing though what getting out into nature can do for you.

Here's a shot of me after crossing the finish line. :) I shared this one on my Facebook page this weekend. Wahoo!

What were you up to this weekend?

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