Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: One with Almost Tears

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

 In my life this week... I have seen some amazing things. To others they may not be that amazing but to me... wow. I have seen God move in ways I never dreamed. For some it may be simple but for me it was awesome. I have been thinking and concerned about how to get some of the curriculum next year. Being a freelance writer, sometimes the work dries up for a while. Other times it is pouring in and I can't keep up. Times like now though, work can be few and far between. I have been blessed with some great opportunities this week and looking forward to the things God is going to do. He provides in ways no other can and I am so grateful for it. If everything works out, my bible curriculum is provided for... free ;-) Isn't that awesome! I had a real down day the other day too. It's just been hard to find kiddos my sons age that homeschool... Well let's make that boys that homeschool. :-) We have found lots of girls here and there and kids older than him. So I was having a kind of down day on the finding new friends part. But God has blessed us there too ;).We had a wonderful time hanging out with an old friend and some new ones for a while on Wednesday. It was surely a blessing and an encouragement.

In our homeschool this week... This is where the "almost tears" comes into play. Not bad tears. Tears of joy and excitement and pride in my son. If you've been reading here for any length of time you know that reading has been a struggle for us. Both for me trying to figure out something that works, and him for just doing it consistently. This week has been a great break through for us I think. He has read so many books this week and I have just been smiling, excited and wanting to shout from the roof tops. I stuck to shouting wahoo from the ground because I am afraid of heights but still... ;) I'm not sure what has happened but it is wonderful and I hope it stays this strong. He read three books to me just yesterday. He is doing wonderful! In other areas of homeschool we are starting the last chapter of our Kindergarten math book today. ((sigh)) I am both excited and nervous to start 1st grade. LOL Not sure why but I am :) We made a fingerpaint crab picture at the library yesterday. Went to story time, hip hop class and played with friends this week. Been a pretty full week.

People we're seeing and places we're going... Hip hop class was a HUGE hit with Boo Bear this week. I think we might have found his "thing". I knew he liked dancing but we weren't old enough for the class yet. They did some wiggling around and put him in there and he is asking everyday when he can go back :) Yea! I'm glad we found something he enjoys doing. Of course he is the only boy in the class but still... He enjoys it. I think he is going to be theatrical and into the acting and dancing and singing. (kind of like his Mama ;))

Questions/thoughts I have... I actually have two this week. One where do all of you lovely ladies who create your own printables get your clip-art? I am trying to figure out some workbox labels for our new workbox sets (eeekkkkkk!!!! I'm soooo excited) and I was thinking of creating my own. I see lots of them out there that have awesome characters and things and wonder where the pics come from. 2nd- Did any of you do anything special when your little one went from Kindergarten to 1st grade? DS birthday is coming up in the next few weeks about the time we are done with it. His grandparents will all be together as well and I wanted to do something special. So what did you do? Do you acknowledge moving from one grade to another?

My favorite thing this week was.... Boo Bear reading books to me. I can't tell you how that warms this mom's heart to see progress being made and him enjoying the books not just fighting to read them.

I'm cooking.... These cute little mini-corn dog muffins. They are wonderful and they are easy to make and take to a church dinner or anywhere you need a new recipe.

I'm grateful for... God providing when I don't see a way for it to come to pass. He shows up and shows out :)

A pic of the week... I was sooo excited to hear I got chosen to review this wonderful WAHL Massager. You can check out my review here. Here's the magic little contraption that instantly takes the stress out of my shoulders, feet, hands, you name it. The whole family loves it and put it to the test this week. Be sure to stop by that post so you can find out how to win one for yourself or a mom in your life.

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