Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: Good Friday

In my life this week... It has been a wild up and down, twist and turn kind of week. The week has brought some decisions being made and listening to God and his direction. I can not express enough how thankful and grateful I am that God guides you and when something is not right, He tells you. He gives a peace to you when you are in His will and there's no peace when you're not in His will. Think about Jonah and the whale. He ran from what God wanted Him to do and he spent three days thinking about it. ;-) I thank you Lord that You guide us with Your hand and we can lean on You everyday.

In our homeschool this week... We had a lot of fun. It was kind of an easy week but we did learn some wonderful things. Boo Bear received a science kit from GG this week. He was so excited! It was a wizard magic science kit with all sorts of experiments. Here he is getting ready to work some "magic":

Isn't he just a cute wizard? Anyway... we created some crystals and put them in his magic wand. We also made disappearing ink. It was pretty awesome!

Helpful homeschooling tips/advice to share...I'm learning more and more each day how to let go of the worksheets and textbook type approach and learn what is right in front of you. Stop stressing over whether or not we got the worksheets I laid out finished today. Enjoy your site word hopscotch, money lessons with daddy, learning how to pay the cashier and why she gave us change back. Take time to stop and chase a cricket or check out our veggies we planted. Engineering practice because you are building a fort and you want it to stay up so you can get in it. I'm learning more and more to be less like a traditional school and more of a learning family everyday, every step of the way and let me tell you... It is wonderful!!!

Places we're going and people we're seeing... Yesterday we had a park day with our homeschool group. It was fabulous! The kids had a blast playing and the mom's had wonderful encouraging conversation. We had dinner with daddy and Boo Bear and I had a special date night :) We had some wonderful seafood and ended our date with a trip to the library. Have I mentioned that kid LOVES the library?

My favorite thing this week was... Listening to my hubby and son have a math lesson together after daddy came home from work. I love how they work together and just hearing them talk and bond. It is so very precious to me.

Things I'm working on... Today I will be making my jewelry for Easter. I picked out three shades of purple pearls to go with the ones I have. I am excited and will share pictures when it is finished.

I'm reading... I just finished the Hunger Games. I would love to see the movie soon. I am now going to request Catching Fire and keep on going. I'm also reading The Voice New Testament that I received recently. I read it this morning for my Good Friday devotional and I am in love already with the story type reading of the new testament.

I'm grateful for... Wonderful friends both online and off, an awesome hubby, wonderful son and family! Thankful especially for what my Savior did for me. Looking forward to celebrating this Easter weekend.

A photo to share...

 Boo Bear is working hard on his math problems... He impresses me everyday with how much he knows, remembers and retains... Like yesterday when we were at dinner. He said hey dad, what's 200 +200? Daddy said what do you think it is... Boo Bear answered 400. :) He's been working with daddy on adding larger numbers... Umm yeah... I think I need a challenging math program for him next year... What do you think?

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