Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Moments: Gone Fishing!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend this past week. We did here! We enjoyed a slow going weekend with a little bit of fishing thrown in.
I haven't gone fishing since we moved. The boys have but me, not so much. I do enjoy it but just haven't gone. Well someone (my son...) was begging to go somewhere fun yesterday. You ever get those days where they have all the toys they could possibly want, fun stuff outside and they just want to leave? Yep. We did this weekend. It started at 7:30 Saturday night. LOL
So we got up and went fishing after a good breakfast and a wonderful show on the History channel about Jerusalem. (awesome show! )
We hit the lake and went fishing. I caught a nice brim and a nice man that caught a huge bass just as we were getting there gave that to us as well. So we had a fish fry last night. :) First time that Boo Bear has seen the fish go from lake to the table and the whole process. It was really awesome :)

I even showed my hubby I know how to tie a hook on the fishing line and I can bait my own hook ;) He was impressed! Course he got the fish off the line for me but that's a whole other story.

Last week I went to the doctor. For those who may not know I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes right before I got married. I had it under control, had my son, and went nuts. Honestly I didn't really eat like I should and have been under control (mostly). My blood pressure is doing funky things and I have to do something about it. SOOOO... I'm on a get healthy mission. Not a d-i-e-t. That means bad things. I am eating to be healthy. The past few days have been great and I have seen wonderful numbers, both in BP and blood sugar. So now my mission on Tuesday's will be to share healthy and diabetic friendly (as much as possible) recipes. I will also share my weight loss goals and progress here each week too. Yesterday I weighed and had lost 1.6 pounds since my last weigh in. :) I was super excited!

So if you have any recipes that fit this plan then please feel free to share them with me!! I'm on a mission to learn to cook more with whole wheat flour and all those nice healthy, good for you, ingredients!
Have a great week and keep a look out here for the giveaway and reviews I have coming up! They are really exciting!!!

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